How do I know if it is organic?

Look for certificate logo on the product. The logo is recognized by the Australian Organic Standards for organic products. A stringent certification  audit is carried out by the Certifying organization each year

Where can I purchase the cup snacks?

Four Leaf Milling Pty Ltd.

Do you sell on line?

Contact us by email, and we can post throughout Australia per Australia post.

Do you ship internationally?

No, but we are planning to look at our options in the future. Contact Four Leaf Milling Pty Ltd

Do I have to use boiling water?

You can also use hot or cold milk. When using cold milk, the consistency and flavour will vary.

How much boiling water should be added?

Enough to just cover the ingredients. If it is too thick after it has rested after 2 minutes, add a little more water.

Can I add more ingredients?

Feel free to add more nuts, dried or fresh fruit to satisfy your taste and appetite.

Can I recycle a Good Oat cup?

Yes. After you’ve enjoyed your Good Oat snack, there are many ways to recycle the cup.

Here are a few:

  • Mini seed planter
    Use your Good Oat cup to germinate seeds or grow seedlings on the window-sill. 
  • Pencil holder
    Good Oat cups have plenty of uses in the craft box. Decorate the surface in your own style and store pencils, crayons and paint brushes.
  • Old-time ‘walkie-talkie’
    Pierce a hole in the bottom of two used Good Oat cups, run a three metre length of string between them and you have an old style walkie-talkie! 

A new life for your Good Oat cup

Email us your ideas for recycling Good Oat cups and we’ll share them here.